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What is it with me and flooding?

Three years ago I took a nap. At the time, I was staying in Zorzor, a small trading center in Liberia. I was sharing a house with two other Stanford students, and after six weeks of bucket bathing in our … Continue reading

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Where have all the good ones gone?

I am struggling to hire a research supervisor. All of my contacts are busy on big contracts, and everyone they know is already working. At the moment, I need one person to accompany me next week to the field, to … Continue reading

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Ndimayesa kuphunzila Chichewa

{I try to learn Chichewa} Tomorrow I will return to my four hours per day of Chichewa instruction. Chichewa is the national language of Malawi, and is a dialect of the larger language Chinyanja, spoken by people across Malawi, Mozambique, … Continue reading

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Sounds of life return

It seems that things have settled here. The main online source of news is now available again within Malawi (and for future reference, when a site is blocked based on your location/IP, you can access it through The official … Continue reading

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Background to Current Events in Malawi

I have heard (though not seen) that demonstrations continue today. If you are interested into the background to the situation and the demonstrations, see Kim Dionne’s very information post on the topic:  

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Update: demonstrations in Zomba

Update: A HUGE group of people just marched by my house, all dressed in red and chanting. I’d estimate around 1000-2000 people. Very exciting!

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Street Demonstrations

I have a whole list of mundane topics I want to post on (where I am living, my Chichewa courses, my planned research, etc.), but the events of the day must come first. Tension has been rising in Malawi recently, … Continue reading

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