I’m here!

Well, I made it to Zomba. I left San Francisco on July 6, and arrived in Lilongwe, Malawi at noon on July 8th – two airlines, four flights, and 39 hours later. Unlike some previous trips, I actually found all my luggage waiting for me on the other end.

Within two days, I’d bought a car and driven the 320km to my new home in Zomba.


The car has been interesting. First, you should know that I do not (did not?) know how to drive a manual car. Nonetheless, I bought a 1995 Rav4 with a manual transmission, and jerked my way across the country. It’s slowly getting easier, but I have to say that I cannot fathom why manual transmissions still exist after the invention of the automatic. Here’s a snapshot of little rav-y:

I’ll post more on what I’m doing here, and the CRAZY political/economic situation here soon.

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