Where have all the good ones gone?

I am struggling to hire a research supervisor. All of my contacts are busy on big contracts, and everyone they know is already working. At the moment, I need one person to accompany me next week to the field, to do preparatory work for the main project in September. Ideally, my main project supervisor would go with me to field, but it is looking more and more like I might have to just take my teacher, and hire a supervisor later.

Hiring the supervisor is the most important decision I’ll make in Malawi. Basically, I need someone that I trust enough to help me run the project – they need to be able to keep the other research staff motivated and on task, they need to handle the money for the experiments, and they need to be able to keep me abreast of everything that is happening when I am not with them in the field. This is a lot to ask. In addition, I am further limited by the language skills required to work on the project – I need someone that can speak the national language (Chichewa) and the dominant language in the northern region (Chitumbuka). I am finding that this is not easy to find in Zomba. But, I keep looking.

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