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The Fight for Academic Freedom

The University of Malawi is closed again. But let me back up. In March, as the Arab Spring was heating up, a Professor of Political Science, Dr. Blessings Chinsinga, gave a lecture that drew parallels between what was happening in … Continue reading

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Nickname for Joachim

As you can imagine, Joachim is not a very easy name for people here. It’s not really an easy name in the US, either, and Joachim is quite used to the look of panic when he introduces himself sometimes. But … Continue reading

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#1 bane of my existence

Apparently I use the expression “X is the bane of my existence” way too much. So much so that Joachim asked me to rank the various banes of my existence. Coming in at number 1…..(drumroll)….was…..MOSQUITO NETS. I don’t want to … Continue reading

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Mtima sovala sanza

Mtima sovala sanza is one of my favorite Chichewa sayings.* ┬áIt means “my heart doesn’t wear rags” and refers to someone that wants riches and comforts beyond their means. Last year, Alick told me that this should be my motto. … Continue reading

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Our home in Malawi

For those of you that are curious, here are a few shots of our home here in Zomba (click a photo to enlarge). It is situated right near downtown, a stone’s throw from the university and most shops. We also … Continue reading

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Joachim: the good and the bad

Joachim arrived last Monday, but – OF COURSE – his bags did not. So, we ended up staying an extra night in the capital, Lilongwe, and his bags arrived on Tuesday. We had a horrible drive back to Zomba. First, … Continue reading

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Who protests? Apparently no one…

Well, the protest study is no more. The protests were planned for August 17 about a month ago, and up until the 16th everything was a go. The civil society organizers had decided to hold a 48 hour vigil instead … Continue reading

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