Joachim: the good and the bad

probably the most amazing man on earth...

Joachim arrived last Monday, but – OF COURSE – his bags did not. So, we ended up staying an extra night in the capital, Lilongwe, and his bags arrived on Tuesday. We had a horrible drive back to Zomba. First, there was no petrol in all of Lilongwe, or in the first town outside of Lilongwe, so we sat on pins and needles for about 150 kilometers, and then zipped into the first filling station with petrol on fumes alone. The last hour of our drive was in the dark, and I will never do that again. There are no street lights, and people walk and cycle on the road. I could literally not see someone riding his bike until we had almost hit him, and then I’d swerve and hit a huge pothole. But, we made it, and settled into home.

Joachim has adjusted well. On his first day in the market, he bought a live chicken for $6, after pinching and poking several different specimens. Then, for $0.75 more, he got it plucked and cleaned.

He has also made his first batch of home made pasta. Even though he brought only one bad from the US, he managed to bring a pasta machine. Awesome.

Unfortunately, he also brought strep. I must admit, this is my own theory, never confirmed, but I think Joachim is a carrier of strep throat. He never has it, but early on in our relationship I would get it a lot, over and over. Now, three days after he arrives, I have my first case of strep ever in Africa. Joachim’s theory: I like to blame everything on him, even my own illness. Fair enough. Either way, I’d rather have him and strep here in Malawi, than be healthy on my own.

Note: I went to a clinic, and have started antibiotics, so I should be well soon.

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One Response to Joachim: the good and the bad

  1. kristin says:

    This is so Joachim. One bag for 3 months and inside it is a pasta maker. I will never forget your trunk on one of the weekends to Cambria.

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