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Adventures in Zambia

For the project, we need to have some Zambians that frequent the Malawian markets participate in my research games. Thus, while we won’t actually be doing any research in Zambia, we needed to get clearance from local authorities before including … Continue reading

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My home away from my home away from home

My research is taking place in a really remote corner of Malawi, right on the border with Zambia. It is about 1 hour by car from the nearest paved road, and there is no electricity or running water. Thus, my … Continue reading

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Anything can happen today.

That was – honest to god – my horoscope in today’s Daily Times, one of Malawi’s two main newspapers. Sometimes these things are just so eerily prescient, aren’t they? Thanks for clarifying the future for me there. Just a quick … Continue reading

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Today was the last day of training for the five people I have hired to help carry out my research project.They are, overall, a really great group of guys – highly qualified, very experienced, and typically very motived. Still, what … Continue reading

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I’ve finished almost 10 books since I got here 2 months ago. Well, most of them weren’t real books, since I read them on my Kindle. About the Kindle: I’m not completely sold, and I don’t think I’ll use much … Continue reading

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The Chef

You’d hardly know where we are from these pics…                     Yes, I am a lucky girl!

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Sick as a dog

I’ve never been a picture of health. While I’ve never really had any serious health problems, I just get sick a lot. Strep throat constantly, stomach flu, UTI, etc. I am always sick with something. As a child, this was … Continue reading

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