Moyo wabwino?

Life hasn’t seemed quite so easy lately.

1. It is so hot I cannot think. So hot. If the fan is not pointed directly at me, I am sweating within a few seconds. It is unbearable to imagine trying to do anything that requires energy: going to the market, standing in line at the bank, eating.

2. The power outages have become ridiculous. It used to be out for about two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening, but now the outages are much much longer and less predictable. When the power goes out in the middle of the night, I wake up in a pool of sweat (see #1) because the fan goes off. Neither Joachim nor I could work at all between 7 and 1 today because of no power, and I had to turn in a grant application (see #3) early because my laptop was about to run out of juice.

3. I am putting in one more grant application, to try to add a small field experiment in December. Chances are slim, but I’m trying. I hate writing grant proposals. When I did not get this particular grant in the spring, the head of the committee suggested that if I try again, I should somehow argue that my dissertation will help prevent things like what happened in Rwanda. Seriously?

4. The fuel situation is OUT. OF. CONTROL. We currently have a full tank, and 50L of reserve, but things look as if they might actually dry up completely. On top of the fuel, there are now no soft drinks or bottled water in the country because of foreign exchange shortage. I really don’t know what will happen to this place over the next few months.

5. Joachim is leaving on the 10th, and I’m stuck missing him for 6 weeks.

6. Our landlord called us yesterday, pissed that we are moving out a month earlier than we originally thought. He got a little crazy on the phone, and I had to be a lot more confrontational than I like to be. The conversation ended with him telling us to be out by the next morning, and me telling him that he could take me to court if he wants, but that we’re not leaving until Saturday.

7. I need a haircut something awful. Think fuzz.

While this is all pretty annoying, there are good things, too. It’s just so hot it’s hard to notice them. If you are cold right now, please be thankful.

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One Response to Moyo wabwino?

  1. Elisabeth says:

    poor you!!!
    it makes you understand why Malawi is nr.171 in the human development index…

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