South Luangwa NP and Goodbye to Joachim

he looks ready to go, huh?

The day finally came when Joachim had to leave. Actually, it was the night because his flight left Malawi at 2:50am. He’s safely back in Europe, enjoying the actual best beers in the world (not “probably the best beer in the world” as the cautious slogan is for Malawi’s national beer) with friends in Belgium. I wish he were here with me, or, even more, that I were there with him. But I have six more weeks to put in here, so I’ll make the most of them.

Before Joachim left, though, we took a quick trip to South Luangwa National Park in Zambia.

entering the park

First of all, everything seemed better in Zambia. Fuel galore, cokes, bottled water, attentive waiters, etc. Second, the park was amazing. We saw all the large animals in the park, except for leopard. Lots and lots of lions, which was the main thing I wanted to see.

friend or foe?

We even got to see two kills. The first was a pack of lions killing a cevet (a small raccoon like animal) just to be mean, since the didn’t eat it. And the second was a pack of African wild dogs – the second most endangered mammal in Africa and an extremely rare sight – killing a bushbuck (a deer like animal). Our chalet/lodge was right on the river, so we saw hippos and elephants all day.

small, medium, and large

It was an amazing trip, and I’m so glad we were able to have an adventure together before he had to leave.


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