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Our home in Malawi

For those of you that are curious, here are a few shots of our home here in Zomba (click a photo to enlarge). It is situated right near downtown, a stone’s throw from the university and most shops. We also … Continue reading

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Joachim: the good and the bad

Joachim arrived last Monday, but – OF COURSE – his bags did not. So, we ended up staying an extra night in the capital, Lilongwe, and his bags arrived on Tuesday. We had a horrible drive back to Zomba. First, … Continue reading

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the miracle of Toms

Kudos to my ladies. While I think Toms are some of the ugliest shoes on earth, based on the recommendations of Emily, Jessica, and Nancy I decided to buy a pair before leaving the US. This has turned out to … Continue reading

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What is it with me and flooding?

Three years ago I took a nap. At the time, I was staying in Zorzor, a small trading center in Liberia. I was sharing a house with two other Stanford students, and after six weeks of bucket bathing in our … Continue reading

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